I'm a composer for motion pictures and video games based in Berlin, Germany.

From the age of 13 I was utterly addicted to film music and after teaching myself to compose and orchestrate in high school, I soon worked on a handful of student games and films. My journey as a freelance composer began in 2016 when independant games company Fourattic decided to hire me for their game Crossing Souls, which led to me deciding to pursue music as a full time career.


I comfortably work in a handful of styles including orchestral, post rock, jazz or electronic music, as well as modern scoring approaches often heard in Netflix movies. My favorite way of working is combining multiple different influences to craft a new and unique style that suites the movie or game I'm scoring best. I also love to incorperate programming into my music-making process to generate new and weird flavors.

Brands I worked with so far

YouTube Series

In 2019 I started my own YouTube series called "Let's Score" where I document my process in video format. While the series was originally planned to be a weekly format, a new episode will now be released every 4 weeks.

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